RÖDER alea celebrated its premiere at the "Stuttgarter Sternstunden" of Mercedes-Benz

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RÖDER alea celebrated its premiere at the "Stuttgarter Sternstunden" of Mercedes-Benz

RÖDER alea celebrated its premiere at the "Stuttgarter Sternstunden" of Mercedes-Benz

mb! Lounge has been equipped with the new facade cover

From the 10th to the 14th of August, on the 125th birthday of the automobile, "Stuttgart's magic moments" coincided with the magic moment of the innovative RÖDER alea facade cover.

幸运快三官网The centerpiece of the 5-day extravaganza, where Mercedes-Benz thanked the locals for their loyal support over the past 125 years on the square in front of Neuen Schloss, was the mb! Lounge: A RÖDER SOLUTION HIGHEND 20x35 m tent with 1,000 m² of exhibiting space, 8 m of lateral height and both floors covered with the innovative RÖDER alea cover served as the presentation platform. Workshops for chlidren and teens were held here during the day and lifestyle themes were on the program in the evenings. Sunday's motto was "Motorsports up close." The visitors were able to experience the Mercedes drivers from DTM and Formula 1 up close.

In cooperation with the mu:d agency in Cologne, and the architectural firm Jangled Nerves in Stuttgart, RÖDER developed the concept of a huge quad-construction including a terrace with an appealing silver-gray facade.
In spite of difficult conditions encountered when setting it up in Stuttgart's shopping quarter, the SOLUTION HIGHEND was promptly available as the mb! Lounge.
幸运快三官网The INNOSCENE partners Deko-Studio Schwab, AMP&Brandstifter and Artlife took part in equipping the construction.

幸运快三官网The innovative alea facade system can also be experienced live at INNOSCENE11.

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