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Shanghai sales office address change notice

12-02-09 by RÖDER Marketing

Roder Tent Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
—Shanghai sales office address change notice
Dear customers and buddies:
Along with the increase of the market demand of the company's business is gradually expands. The former Shanghai sales office already cannot satisfy the needs of the development of our company. At the same time,consider with customer traffic convenience, our company decided to move to the vision park 500 on December 6,2011.
The detailed address:Room 208, No.2 floor, No, 500 Ruijin south road Xuhui district Shanghai.
Tel: 021-31268799
Fax: 31268799-8015.
Hope you will continue to support us and we can work together for a better future!
By bus: 41、205、45、128 .....
Cause any inconvenience to you, We deeply regret.
All staff in RODER are welcome your visit! We wish you all the best!

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